USD/JPY Bulls reached a new high for 2023 at 145.22, but dropped due to headwinds, a key barrier retest, and potential intervention threats.

Japanese government may intervene again, as seen with USDJPY’s recent overthrow and short-lived resistance test.
Japan’s traders are shifting positions to avoid being caught off guard, fearing government yen boosts, despite rhetorical actions.
Positive daily studies predict further progress in Japan if intervention is omitted, extending the psychological 150 barrier with initial objectives.

Japan’s intervention may cause the pair to fall sharply, potentially accelerating towards psychological support.

Res: 145.00; 146.00; 147.00.
Sup: 144.40; 143.40; 141.51.

USDJPY pushes up against last week’s swing high and reaches its highest level since July 7. – UPDOWNLIVE

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